Mark 10 Mark 7


  Mark 10 Powerline
- Dimming made easy

For companies looking to make their fixed-output linear T8, 4-pin CFL, and T5 fluorescent systems more cost-effective and sustainable, Mark 10 Powerline electronic ballasts provide an easy solution without the need for additional control leads.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

 1.  Replace the ballast — simply wire the Philips Advance Mark 10 Powerline
      ballasts into the existing fixtures (rapid-start sockets are required).

 2.  Replace the switch — the dimming control connects to your existing wiring.

 3.  Dim the lights!

It’s that easy to bring the convenience and flexibility of fluorescent dimming to conference rooms, private offices, auditoriums, architectural cove lighting — anywhere dimming is required but control leads are not already installed.

Mark 10 Powerline features include

  • No control leads for easy installation without additional wiring
  • Full-range continuous dimming (100% light output down to 5% — T5 to 1%) supports LEED performance standards
  • Lamp ignition at any power level — no need to ramp up to full light before dimming
  • Programmed start operation optimizes lamp life in frequent starting conditions
  • Operation above 42 kHz minimizes risk of interference with infrared remote control systems and provides continuous, flicker-free dimming

Also available for T5 and T8 applications

  Mark 7 0-10V
- Maximum versatility with 4-wire dimming

The Mark 7 0–10V series of dimmable electronic ballasts incorporates separate control leads for use with a wide array of controllers, including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting controls, and building management systems from more than 30 manufacturers.

When paired with energy-efficient linear T8, 4-pin CFL, or T5 lamps, Mark 7 0–10V ballasts optimize the benefits of such popular sustainable lighting techniques as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and load shedding to drive maximum energy cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

Mark 7 0–10V features include

  • Available in linear T8, 4-pin CFL, and T5 models
  • Full-range continuous dimming (100%–5% — T5 to 1%) supports LEED performance standards
  • >
  • Programmed start operation optimizes lamp life in frequent starting conditions
  • IntelliVolt technology allows operation at both 120V and 277V input line voltage, simplifying ordering, installation, and SKU requirements


Also available for T8 and 4-pin CFL applications


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