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What type of flag pole is best?

Flagpoles are a way of sending messages or signals to people without shouting. They are typically placed on decorative poles, which can be seen from a distance and across a large area.

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National Flags

With the exception of some national flags, there are several different types of flagpoles; their purpose and the symbols displayed on them vary widely.


There are a variety of flag poles to fit different occasions, from the tall ceremonial flagpoles,

Small building

Topped with national flags to the short pole atop a small building bearing the name only.


Tall flagpoles can be found on government buildings and churches, where they often fly the country's national flag.


These poles are usually made from fibreglass or aluminium that is lightweight, highly durable and elegant in appearance.

a English flag on a flagpole on a boat against a blue sky with soft clouds in the summer

Types of Flagpoles

Ceremonial poles: These tall poles carry large flags for special days and events. They often match corporate logos and show off important messages without excessive design elements interfering with their visibility.

Displays: These poles support modest flags that are usually used to display a message, name, coat of arms or logo. The pole is typically made from wood and iron and stands between 8-12 feet tall. They often come equipped with flags or streamers that match the design of the structure they are placed on, but these can be easily replaced with different designs to create an effect, not unlike theatrical lighting.

House Flags

House flags: These poles often support small flags that are given to guests or residents. They usually display a logo or name and are usually hung from a 4-foot pole that stands between 4-6 feet tall.

Vertical Poles: These poles, which can be as short as 2 ft (60 cm) in length, support flags that are normally only 3 – 4 ft (90 – 120 cm) long and typically carry only one rectangular flag affixed to the top.

Flag holder


They are mainly used by retail stores and private individuals to express their company name and image while enhancing their overall appearance.

Boat Poles

Boat poles: These poles are used by boaters to display their participation in a yacht race or club affiliation.


Lightweight aluminium or fibreglass that is custom-made to the user's specifications and will stand out on almost any kind of watercraft, no matter its size.

Residential Poles

These poles are used for small, decorative purposes such as displaying a country flag or house number. They are usually made from aluminium,


but can also be found fashioned out of wood or plastic if the homeowner is looking for a specific look that fits his residential design and d├ęcor.

Temporary Poles

These poles are used for large events that last only a few hours. They are often used as part of a stage design and feature equipment such as lights or staging,

Best Flagpole Design

Best Flagpole Design