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Here are the uses of Flagpoles

A flagpole is a tall vertical pole on which a flag hangs. The term also applies to the base, guy-wires and halyards used in the raising and lowering of the flag on a flagpole.

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High Point

A flagpole is typically erected on a high point of a facility, building or some other type of structure.


The base of the flagpole can be embedded in the ground and usually consists of concrete, stone or marble.

Steel Pipe

Bases may take the form of cemented steel pipe, welded metal brackets or a simple concrete base with spikes for poles to rest in.


Flagpoles are a constant reminder to all people that the country is sovereign, and that no one, not even their own government, can defy this fact.


In case of an emergency situation in a country, the flagpole must be erected at such place, so that all citizens will be able to see it from miles around.

a English flag on a flagpole on a boat against a blue sky with soft clouds in the summer

Throughout history

Throughout history, flags have been used as a means to show that you are fighting for the freedom of your nation against aggression and invasion from another country. The flag, which is an important national symbol, is usually put up at dawn and taken down at sunset. When people are no longer oppressed by other nations, they are able to fly their flag proudly and display it for all to see.

Many countries have “official” flagpoles that belong to the government, and each city or town also has several private flagpoles owned by individuals expressing their loyalty towards their home country and land. During the dark ages, ships often flew their flags as a way to lead them safely and directly to land.

Flags Replaced

For centuries, ships would often fly their flags at night to lead the crew. Today, this is rare but still practised by those who are proud of their country’s heritage and have a wish to show it off.

A military government will fly its flag over every installation under its control to show that it owns that territory and not just one branch of the armed forces but all of them (Navy, Army etc.).

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Navy Ships

Flags are flown on navy ships to show that they are sovereign over the water and that they are one.

Countries Flying

This is why you'll see the ships of many countries flying their flags while out in international waters.

Metal Clip

Using flagpoles is not a new practice. It dates back thousands of years. welded metal brackets or a simple concrete base,

Best Flagpole Design

Best Flagpole Design