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A Flagpole is a Supported Type of Flagstaff

Usually made of metal or wood, and used as stationary support for displaying the flag (or banner) on outdoor installations or aircraft.

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National Flag

A traditional design is a pole which carries one large national flag with an additional small,


At international events like the Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games, a nation's own Olympic committee may also fly its own national flags,


The military camp flagpole is a tall metal pole with a large flag on top, which is usually not lowered at night but instead left flying every day while they sleep.


The staff in a military or civilian headquarters, displays the headquarters' flag (also called a headquarters flag or command flag), from which is flown the national flag.


In this case, there's a distinction between the 'flagpole', which is fixed in position and an integral part of headquarters, and the 'flagstaff', which is detached from the building,

a English flag on a flagpole on a boat against a blue sky with soft clouds in the summer


The flagpole is also a feature of outdoor billboards, though in some countries (such as Ireland) this has been disallowed in areas without a formal agreement between the billboard owner and local authority for pedestrian access, and security etc. The use of flagpoles on traffic light poles was banned in Australia in 2011 over concerns about safety for the driver and for people crossing the road below the flags (where vehicles attempting to ‘run’ red lights have been known to bump over pedestrians and cyclists).


Other uses of flagpoles are for displaying different types of banners other than just flags: most commonly used are church banners, political banners or corporate banners.

Flagpoles are used to display the regimental flags of military personnel and establishments

Also, at some airports, the flagpoles may be used to display souvenirs or other items.

Flag holder


Flagpoles are also used to display the flags of different countries at a world festival or exhibition (e.g. World Expo) where several countries participate,


or a diplomatic world event such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or G8 meeting. Flagpoles are also used to display the colours of a school team.


At the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, special larger versions of national flags are displayed on flagpoles (see image)

National Flag

The largest national flag in the world is that of Libya (which is about 10 times larger than the standard 28-star U.S. flag)


Flagpoles are used to display the national Flag, the side flag(s) and the regimental flags of military personnel and establishments.

Just flags

They are also used for different types of banners other than just flags, especially for church banners, political banners and corporate banners.

Best Flagpole Design

Best Flagpole Design